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Tell The People Ezekiel 3 stw

Ezekiel Ch 3 Synopses

 In the beginning of Ezekiel Ch 3 Ezekiel eats the scroll that the Lord gives him, interestingly enough even though it was full with words of mourning and woe it tastes as "sweet as honey". The spirit of the Lord then lifts Ezekiel up and takes Him to Tel Abib for seven days, there Ezekiel dwells with them.After that God speaks with Ezekiel again and tells Ezekiel that He has made Him a watchman over the house of Israel. He tells Ezekiel that when He receives the word he should deliver the warning to them.The thing about it is they can either receive or not Ezekiel is ordered to tell the people regardless. While there Ezekiel faces different peril at the hands of the rebellious people, however God shuts Ezekiel's mouth so that He wont speak until He hears what God says. The chapter ends ...
"Whoever will listen let him listen, and whoever will refuse let him refuse; for they are a rebellious house"..
God wants us to speak his word anyway, what we hear from Him we are to share, but we can't speak it until we hear it. Sometimes we want to speak so bad, especially when we endure uncomfortableness like Ezekiel had to endure, but the best thing to do is wait on God. We cant give until we've received, We cant speak until we hear Him. We must hear what He has to say first if we want to walk sure and confidently. Like Ezekiel God has something for each and every one of us to receive. It is up to us to receive it or to leave it.

Which would you do? follow along as we continue to chapter 4 of Ezekiel and join as we continue to "Spread The Word"

What did you get from Chapter 3?

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