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An Interesting Meal Ezekiel 2stw

Ezekiel Chapter 2 Synopses

The second chapter of Ezekiel is relatively short. After Ezekiel bows under the reverance and fear of the voice of God he is unctioned to stand to his feet to hear God's voice more clear. Ezekiel is lifted to his feet and he hears the voice of God In the command God gives him. God commands Ezekiel to go before the the Israelites and do not be afraid, but deliver the words that God has for them.

By the end of the chapter God gives Ezekiel an interesting command that is deeply symbolistic. He hands Ezekiel a scroll and tells him to eat it. The scroll is full with words of lament, mourning, and woe. Thats definitely a good indication of how it will taste... follow along with us as we look at chapter 3 and find out in the next edition of  "Spread The Word".

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