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Who Says Awkward Is Ok?

I recently discovered a new web-series entitled "The Mis-Adventures of an Awkward Black Girl" the show was absolutely crazy and ridiculously funny! I was seriously about to "bust-a-gut". No doubt what ultimately drew me to the title was not only being a black girl, but the admission of my own awkwardness. I went to bed excited, jazzed up about the series in the works to become a half hour T.V. sitcom. It fit me very well; cultured, fashionable, relate-able, but WAIT........... something is wrong. What Is Awkward? Doesn't that mean something is lowly? awry? amiss? Maybe in my teen years and in High School I was "That Girl" However, that's not something that should continually be embraced.

Although It seems that not only me, but society is embracing it more and more amongst other "Alternative Lifestyles". Its apparent because of another sitcom I happened to come up on so conveniently titled "Awkward" airing on MTV. It seems that American youth are gladly clinging to this state. Awkward is becoming the norm, but what happened to Confidence? The place where we directly pursue and achieve greatness. This way that we pass in the transformation between our teen and young adult years should not be our permanent way of life. It is more of just a transitioning experience. Seeing M TV's reflection of this, I also fell amiably in love.

It follows the title character Jenna, a fellow blogger who tries balance the daily craziness of life in a high school setting, at the end of each episode Jenna discovers and shares a new life lesson. All of which are immensely progressive. That is not only the nature of our personal struggle but the very point of it. To become better with every lesson, smarter with each passing day. What determines our competence and our empowerment is us putting those lessons to use, not following the status quo because its whats in. Our uniqueness and the idiosyncrasies of who we are is what we have to contribute and we should not do it flimsily, but in all boldness knowing that we have that power. We have the ability to shine and continue to shine, because we are capable and sufficient beings not so much with our own power, but the power of creation in us.

That's where the Confidence come in. In God's power and In God's strength we can trust and Confide. Our seeing the light in a situation gives us hope. In each and every one of those little life lessons lies the key; The answer inside of us, from the One who created us and created the environment around us so that we should thrive. So let's leave the "Awkward" to the side. In the learning acquired there is great work to do. It's time to build, time to help, Time to guide the ones in our community who are less fortunate, to teach and let the young ones know the awkwardness doesn't last forever, neither is it supposed to.


  1. Leaving behind "awkwardness" is not so easy. In reality, not everyone is so sure of themselves, not everyone is openly confident.

    For example, I am very confident in myself but sometimes I find it difficult to convey that confidence to others. Therefore, in some arenas I come off awkward.

  2. Touche' Miss Married Lady! However, This Post is addressing awkwardness becoming socially acceptable. You say you come off awkward... Awkward in whose perception? your own or the feedback you get from the World? the fact that you find your confidence difficult to convey is a problem if you have true excellence in mind. Honestly, awkwardness should not be celebrated or glorified. If You Are awkward then embrace your awkwardness fully, if that's really apart of who you are,however It can be easily abandoned. And No, everyone is not openly confident but Yes, in "REALITY" It takes true confidence and not fooling around to thrive.

    shake it off. find your center.

  3. I love Awkward Black Girl but I agree that we need to embrace the confidence within us.


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