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Deliver Me From ...Peace

Just caught the documentary "Prohibition" on PBS. It was very interesting, I definitely couldn't take my attention off of it, because to think that once upon a time America actually fought stringently over a law that had a lot to do with moral code and ethics is fascinating. I'm sure a lot of that still goes on nowadays, but this issue in particular is a very strong one, so much so that It  nearly had  the whole country divided. And I'm sure its no coincidence that PBS chose to air this at a time when the question of morality is back in the news, thanks to entertainer Tyrese Gibson and His much talked about "Delaware Disruption". As lovely and seemingly one-sided as the show was, It was the ending that struck me the most. Basically the show goes over how great of a struggle prohibition was and the impact it had on the country and several individuals, but it ends in commentary discussing that you should not restrict everyone when alcoholism in certain individuals is really the problem, true enough.

The final word mentioning the story of the formation of Alcoholics Anonymous struck me as very funny though. Isn't alcoholics anonymous just another form of church? Honestly with the strong basis on a communal environment and  The 12 step program that might as well be commandments there's slight difference that can stop it from being labeled CHURCH. What the the "pioneers" former alcoholics really discovered in their routine that they infamously established as the AA is really church. It strikes me as odd that people want to use so many spiritual names nowadays to explain the miraculous and the divine phenomenon that occurs in our everyday lives, but rarely want to call it what it is: God. It's just funny to me in this situation that as far as we go out of our way not to acknowledge God, Humanity always ends right back at the same place, and just gives it a different name.

Anyway, with that being said I'm very grateful that this is a such a country, full of liberation and free will, because I have the most powerful irresistible urge to share who God is and how much His word has helped my life. If that gets me kicked out of a radio station, so be it. I applaud Tyrese for standing up for what He felt was right, and I agree with Him wholeheartedly. Maybe was He wrong for speaking out as vehemently as He did... I don't know who can seriously and passionately take a stand in a soothing demeanor, but hats off to them. Even If they could it should not be congratulated. I believe that's why Christianity Is almost looked down upon today, just because we have failed to take a stand as vehemently. The Issues are here today in this time. God is not just going to come and change things. He has placed the power in us to do so.

I say we as Christians take action and take a stand, because isn't that what faith is all about. If Others are lead by the spirit of alcohol and we are lead by the spirit of life and truth, then its time we wake up an act like it. Yes. Prohibition was long ago, but there are things in this nation today that prevail when they should be strictly prohibited. If Not Us, Who Will stand up for the Right! Its Time To Get In Gear With The Lifestyle Of Faith and Be B.O.L.D! "Down With The Speakeasies"

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