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The sound that has the ability to turn your soul... the impulse, the essence, the melody. If there were no music in the world life would not be the same.With so much disaster, tradgedy, and sickness in the world being around broken spirits can really make one broken.Its something about music especially upbeat, uplifting music that moves the soul. The Power of Music: It can lift your spirit and make you move, no matter what kind of mood your in. Music is transcendant and has been since the beginning of creates the excitement, the momentum in every movie we see. Its amazing how one note can begin so humble and end triumphant... There is life behind music and in it... It is Intrinsic... Its infectious... Music moves the soul. listen and allow yourself to be carried away. Music is a motivator, so when you're feeling down turn on some good music... and Get Moving!!:-D

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