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Go For God

Have you ever had a day where you were just not up to it? , as though your Life was running on E. like something was missing.Well, its not the Red Bull that isn't working! More often than not we find ourselves feeling like we just can't do it. We wait for certain factors or elements to come into place and say "I'll do it 'when'..." However in retrospect, Its ridiculous How much time we waste when we wait for "when". It as if leaving a car idle and just letting it run. Amazingly, we are the drivers of creation, we are the vehicles of our destiny. So its up to us to retrieve, to go for the things we need.The problem is the things that we go for. Its mostly in this culture that we try to be hip and try to fit in with the crowd, thats where we fall short and waste our own potential, because literally all fuel types are not made for every vehicle; that is to say, your life and your calling are in the hands of the one who "manufactured" you. It is how we are useful to the best capacity, and get the greatest mileage. We've put our blinders on over and over again, being taught that its ok to be superficial: Its Not! A good life is not about money or material gain to spare, Its about us getting that first filling, the unction, the wholeness in our spirit from partaking in the goodness of God for ourselves. We have to partake, before we can give. It is our relationship with God that matters more than anything It is what sustains us and our character. Our faith makes who we are! Taking it boldy and with audacity In a world where it literally pays to be cool and not respect Christian character is something to be said, because it takes more than a conformity, it takes a standing. We must stand because We are here. When we stand in God we dont stand empty, we stand with substance because having Him first is all that matters. He is a means to our increase, but great expectation elsewhere breeds dissappointment. Have you ever waited on something you knew you were getting? like a check and you spent all in anticipation of it, even spent out of your way and it never came. Well if you dont know the feeling: It sincerely Hurts! And not just in that,there is so much dissapointment to be had in too many things especially when we make them all powerful. At some point we have to come to the realization that there is only One who is, trust more deeply in Him and give Him our all. When we put our heart and soul in it just like we're getting money, we see the results. In looking to everything else that has fallen shortnot only in our personal lives, but in America: Its Time to Go For God, live in cooperation with Him, so that in review our marketing and our performance line up. There is no need to fit in, but there is a need to comply with the standards of God. The word compliant in Latin, literally means to "fill up". Because we are the vehicles to our dreams In this journey of  life we must fill up, and the spirit of God is the  fuel. Fuel is what we depend on to get us from point A to B, Its so precious the price is steadily rising, but there is nothing to be exalted and worth more than the Power of God. Any thing bought cheaply is worthless to us. True faith comes with a price and we have to be willing to tend to its value. Just as fuel varies in quality from Regular to Premium to Super, our faith is what determines the quality of our very lives. It too is what makes us the hottest commodity!!!

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