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The Pleasure Principle

Pleasure is  good, perhaps the most loveliest benefit of being alive! We don't want to lose it because we have a natural inclination to it. For many growing up especially in the U.S. have perceived pleasure to be a lifestyle; "Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous".

However life is not a fairytale or a myth. It is not the "magical magicness" we see on TV. It is indeed what we make it. The question is "What is to make it?" Everybody wants that Hollywood fairytale ending. We want to be continuously happy, and have a slapstick good time... All the time. When life meets us we rarely want to meet it, to take responsibility.

Most of the time we seek to feel good, often by external, superficial means and when we seek to feel it, we act to create it. It will be Okay to neglect the problems that contribute to the lack of emotional stability or financial liberty and ignore the actual foundational principles that lead to success to do whatever it takes to make us happy(what makes us feel good). To pass off problems and reality is very easy to do, with the images that have become immortalized on the TV screen and Film: "The Happily Ever-Afters", "The Fairytale Endings", "The Rags-to-Riches" the stories that have infiltrated our hearts and are very much possible, but often times told out of the context of reality.

To achieve the true success that we seek we must put forth hard work and sacrifice, but the common misconception is that our pleasure is completely derived from our success or what success "looks like" to us. (e.g. the Hollywood life). That is never the case, pleasure like everything else is momentary. Pleasure is in the moment of our doing, the moment we are in the right position of accomplishment in life and in alignment with purpose. Our purpose is our revenue, when we begin to walk in it, It makes provision for itself. We find the gift of living in using our specific gift(s).

For it is our taking  and shaping of reality that benefits and that is taking it with the good and the bad, knowing that it all works together to please the purpose of  The One who called. We are called to go on this journey of life with a mission. Our pleasure is not in having the fairytale ending. It is in the beginning, when we begin to live on purpose, to meet life head on to achieve that purpose. That is the Journey, So Enjoy The Ride!


  1. I completely agree Apryl! I think the same can be said for trials in life -everything on this earth is momentary. All things were created by Him, we have to remember that the devil is out to get us whether it is through good or bad times. Life should be lived but it should be a life of awareness!

  2. Love, love, love!!

    We only have this life for a little while, so what are we doing with it?

    And if we really think about it, when we leave this Earth, all of the things we've accumulated - all of our earthly possessions don't go with us. So, what is it that does?

    Further, what's being doing now, has been done before and will be done again. None of it matters. So what does?

    If you can answer that, then you can begin unravel life's intracacies and make sense of the direction for your life!

    Thanks for this!



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