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I see the soup...but I need The Bread!

There was a point in time in the U.S. where the inspirational book series "Chicken Soup For The Soul" was at the pinnacle of success, but it seems that as the world changes and advances the media only gets worse. While chicken soup took a shot at inspiring the world one spoonful at a time. It never could reach the places of the soul that only "The Word" can. For most of us came into the world in already scarred and broken situations. On top of our already broken background, we've had to face life head on. It is not surprising that it seems too hard to cope and that there needs to be a sense of fulfillment. Our natural response to something we can't control is to reach out to something that we can; to consume. In our rush we ignore the part of us that is more vital to our well-being than our flesh alone. To stop the noise, to quiet the inner child from crying we have to pacify and get to what is needed right away. Our pain demands that urgency. All the while its seldom realized what needs to be fed is not coming from the outside its coming from within and creating the outside. True satisfaction always requires getting to the root of the issue, feeding the source. The contrast presents the very nature of addiction: trying to use what satisfies temporarily to fill the inevitable void. There are so many addictions in the world like alcohol and sex addiction, substance abuse, but "The Word" referred to as Bread is substance and livelihood. It goes down to the innermost parts of our soul and speaks revival no matter what we've been through. "The Word" fills because it builds, it has the power to create. Holding on steadfast to a new and positive word gives us the ability to create a world much better than any that we ever knew. It reads that "Faith is the substance..." and in another passage it says "Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the 'word' of God." So it is seemly that "The Word","The Bread of Life" is the source that we need to overcome, to transcend, and to be fulfilled. On this journey called life or our daily walk, our faith is the sustenance that gets us through when everything else fails.So it is only fitting that it be aided by the thickness, the fatness, the richness that is "The Bread". In due comparison the soup is a bit too parsimonious!

References Hebrews 11:1, Romans 10:17

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