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A New Media

It starts with a reflection. However, the one weve been fed and have always known is the furthest from ourselves. A mirror image of society that we see, sometimes based in reality, often times not. As the original story having been passed through so many channels, so many different outlets that its been diluted too much to resemble its perfect state.

 We've lived the scope of our lives through film and television for so long it seems, that since the creation of man making them, they have in turn "made us". They've become the standards by which we reflect our life.

The lines between fiction and reality have almost become interchangeable. Media popularity is now the stitch that American life seems to cling to. With this being the age of technology, its what we all seem to revolve around. Its like the major advances in technology are strictly geared toward this. The urgency for data is more important now than it ever was and it has to be right out of pocket accessible. With the growing speed of the world, the race is to make access to media ever more easier. Given the firestorm of the new  most popular innovations like (texting and Twitter, the internet and Facebook) the need for streaming action is more in-demand than ever. This also contributes to why we now have digital notebooks and dvds in vending machines.

Media is definitely the new name of the game, and word of the day, but as the culture and obsession grows it still comes with very little change, only more power for individuals to effectually digitallize themselves further, making reality and their true selves of non-effect. While the advancement of communication is a powerful tool in the growth of society and as a nation, the most important and purest form of communication is rarely utilized. This communication is more vital than the latest tweet and as urgent as the correspondence between actor and director, channel and subscription, receiver and transmitter.

It is the most Wireless Fidelity you can have. But now as it is, we literally "follow"  the lives that the media has dreamed up and want to conform to that image, but we rarely check into the vision God has for our own life. The dream and vision for our lives can be constantly tapped into on a daily basis through communication with God, Data included. It is unfailing that the further we get into tv, film, and radio the worse focus and clarity becomes and that which we concentrate on the most is what we become a product of. We've Known the commercial American image of glamour and fiction all our lives because we've all grown up in it.

When you've been used to a type of environment for so long its hard to break away from it. But when we make the choice to surround ourselves with new, more positive, Inspirational media- A new preference developes! With this new frequency we develope a new proclaimation and begin to make our own media. This is the media that not only transforms, but gives life. It fully encompasses the nature of life itself as no matter where we look  there are the signs and signals we receive before the production takes place before our very eyes. It is our choice which media we choose to listen to and establish our lives upon, but in the end choosing the light of inspiration always proves more beneficial. It is in our best interest to stay tuned in. Receiving the signal is manditory and the frequency in which we choose to connect determines our outcome.

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