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The Limit Beyond The Sky

Just in the atmosphere and space around us there is possibility indefinite. As sure as we breathe and have the ability to move, all things are possible. This freedom is the very representation that we should not be constrained by life.

However, as we grow into adulthood and the struggles of living become very defined (e.g. bills,expenses, and the cost of living) In our effort to maintain, we diminish our power to thrive. Getting caught up with the daily functions of living; instead of rewarding, life becomes demanding and sometimes in our down times, in our crisis it is impossible to remember that life is hard and it demands out of us because we have it in us. By the same means that we were created and have life in us our purpose for living is provided for. Inspire means to inhale, so we literally breathe in Inspiration.

In every breath we are breathing in inspiration. Since our life is breathing in inspiration in our calamitious times, in times it seems we cant go on and everything around us is breaking down the very fact that we have breath, life, and Inspiration means all is not lost, but all things are yet possible. In the very same strength that gives us life, beyond just the functioning of our natural bodies but the higher source, is the power where we can do all things and the limit is truly out of this world; way beyond the sky! So we can use this same power to overcome, to transcend our trying circumstances, our struggle and our hard times.

To the depth that we can acheive and all things are possible is the same depth that we can overcome. Inspiration is needed Its where we get the strength to not only live, but thrive, it's in the very: Breath Of Life! So WELCOME! The mission is to pull this life from the atmosphere and infuse it into the blogosphere by sharing daily empowering stories of national and personal inspiration, and creating an environment and forum of life and empowerment. ------Just as with the process of natural breathing feel free to share and give...Your Inspiration.

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