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Receive The Mercy Of The Lord


If you’ve tasted and seen that The Lord is gracious, keep desiring the fullness of His Word that set you free.

Likely there's been a dark time that you’ve experienced in life. Many people have experienced dark seasons, but there is the light that you were exposed to that made you come alive . . . and the circumstances had to align with it.

When we receive GOD's word, it’s explosive. It has the ability to transform and fortify at the same time.

It’s The Living Word. A light that never goes out.

Some people because of sin, remain blind to The Light and can't handle the truth. Unfortunately, for them because of this, no mercy is obtained.

For us who receive mercy, we rejoice, because GOD's light has done a wonderful work in our lives. 

May we value the calling, repent from sin and Keep walking in The Light!

May we continue to praise and honor The Most High, The King of Glory at all times!

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