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The Blood Protects You

Light is an armour of defense. The light referenced here is The light of The Holy Messiah Yeshua.

GOD loves us, when we believe and receive His love, that’s only given to us through The Messiah Yeshua, we're receiving covering and protection as well.

To believe with all of our heart, and intentionally focus on being guided by GOD'S will and not the lusts of the flesh, is to draw closer to salvation. Get extremely cozy with it, wrap it around all around you. It’s for your good.

Salvation comes in the gift of life given to us through Yeshua. It’s also being covered by The Blood. 

When we Honor the covenant and power of The Blood, life Has To flow through us. It’s spiritual law i.e.,( a shield of defense). The works of death nor the flesh can stand against it.

Be sure to keep your shield on.

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