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Now Behold The Lamb


Now Behold The Lamb who is the Holy King. To those who believe He is our Shepard. 

Have you ever seen a sheep fighting against anyone who's tried to harm it or take it captive when the Shepard was around?

No. The Shepard does that. The Shepard is the protector. The Shepard is the caregiver. As children of GOD, we don't just have any 'ol Shepard. We have a Good Shepard*. He loves us so much that when we go astray, He delivers us, not only that "He lays down His life for the sheep". 

The Lord fights for us. He desires deeply that lost souls are recovered. When we're found to be in Christ after being lost in the world, all of heaven rejoices!*

The elders use to sing "GOD will fight your battles if you just be still". When we look to The Lamb: Jesus Christ that GOD provided for us, we're truly redeemed.

Born into sin that we may live again, that's a love that surpasses anything that could try to distract us or come against us.

It's the most powerful love, that we may not understand, but when we yield to it . . . our lives are saved.

May we forever keep our eyes on the life saving, life giving Lamb.

"Now Behold The Lamb" - Kirk Franklin, The Family

* John 10:11, Matthew 18:13

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