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What Easter Plan Are You Reading In YouVersion?

Happy April! Welcome To The New Month! I don't wanna here any name jokes! I've heard the "APRIL, May, June" response when I tell people my name all my life . . . trust me, I'm good.

Anyway, let's talk Devotionals! Although, I have a physical devotional that I'm reading. YouVersion recently sent out their Easter Badge update. I got one last year and it felt good, so It's kind of a tradition now. Let's Get it!!

Yesterday I started the "Cross & Crown" devotional plan by InTouch Ministries. I made it public and invited friends, so I invite you to join me on this devotional journey to get your Easter Badge! You can join us in the plan HERE. Also, If you haven't already added me as a friend on YouVersion feel free to connect with me. 

We talk more about the Devotionals in the BOLD Facebook Group. Where I will also be doing more Check-ins, LIVE streams, and sharing more Inspiration.

If you would like to stay connected. Join the BOLD Prayer and Inspiration Group.

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