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Sex And The Church #BOLDPodcast | Season 2: Episode 6

It's amazing how GOD will come through with confirmation and love when you need it the most. In hosting The InterSession, with this specific topic of sex and worth, I received an unexpected blessing that felt like full love and confirmation from the creator that I erroneously looked for everywhere else in the past.

The panelists: Veonne Anderson, Jay Tyson, Olivia Butler and Darian A. Williams were all right on point with their commentary about pre-marital sex, Such an amazing, knowledgeable group of influencers. I couldn't have hoped for a better panel to talk about this topic with.

As you listen to this episode I hope you will be encouraged to find and honor the truth of sex and it's function as ordained by the creator in the word of truth. In my personal experience the more I sought, the more I find my worth, and as I continue this journey the process also continues.

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