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4 Values That Help Build Your Spiritual Core

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Your spiritual core is made up of four values: intimacy, identity, integrity, and humility. These develop as separate entities within your "sit place with God," as well as work together to help you in becoming all that you were destined to be and do. In your identity, it is important that you believe who you are in Christ. God states that you are very precious, chosen, holy, dearly loved, and a people belonging to Him

Believing these truths and so many more is your identity because you are created in the image of God. Believing and trusting in this identity is essential for creating a strong spiritual core.

Intimacy has already been presented in the value of sharing your voice (thoughts and feelings) openly and truthfully, pausing to receive His care and comfort, and then listening to God's voice of truth, and taking a hold of His grace in order to trust and obey the words He speaks to you regarding your relationships and circumstances. Psalms 34 expresses this beautiful imagery of intimate relationship.

Integrity is presenting to the world that what they hear and see match, that your private life matches your public life. No discrepancies. The world needs to see the good fruit of your integrity in truth, goodness, righteousness, gratitude, humility, and reverence to God.

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Humility is the fourth value that is needed to strengthen your spiritual core. It is the pathway that leads out from your spiritual core of identity, intimacy, and integrity to fulfill your role in the kingdom. With a strong spiritual core, humility is the spiritual pathway to serve others with your vision (your purpose on earth) and mission (the ways you walk out your vision). Everything God works in you is for the purpose of overflow to others. As He has loved you, so love one another. Commit to fulfilling your role in the kingdom to declare God's grace to others.


First, define your identity. If there are any discrepancies in what God says about you, replace them with the truth. Live loved. Live out those words for you and the world to see and enjoy! You are His beloved! Second, develop a strong core of all these values. Spend time with God in the Word, applying all He speaks to your personal life. Let integrity be worked through and through, reflecting God in your words, choices, and responses. Serve others in humility, bending low and lifting up one another. Humility is the essence of love. Third, declare your vision and mission. Write out your vision statement that you believe God gave to you when He created you and then list the ways you desire to walk out in mission that vision statement.

This post is from the devotional "10 habits of intimacy with GOD". It can be found on Youversion bible app.

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