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Resistance Will Adjust To Reach Target

Recently I started to realize that growth requires breaking through resistance. If you're the first in your family to accomplish something, or the fact that GOD gives us a mission for us specifically to execute as individuals means we have to break through comfortability. 

It's up to us to relenquish old ways and old habits and grow. You can never level up in any area until your character does. GOD has been dealing with me about character a lot lately and it's been coming through in my actions and everything I've been getting entagled in to show me where I really am. The realization that the areas that require growth and understanding are met with resistance in order to elevate to the next level was recently confirmed through some gym equipment with a similar message: "Resistance Will Adjust To Reach Target".

I couldn't help but to share it on Instagram in that very moment...

Everything that you have your sights on, the dream/goal that you're working toward for the kingdom will be met with resistance. Growth is evolution. You're pushing through all the dirt that has surrounded you to be emerged into the light of new life. Your "level up" requires your full attention. their will be distractions , but the intentional effort, focus, and overcoming will be WORTH IT! Praise GOD consistently and stay committed through the process.

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