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3 Ways To Keep Your Good Vibes

It's crazy in the world sometimes, especially dealing with people. We won't always have a good mood, and if we are having one maybe someone around us won't be having a good day. Some people just might not be as cheerful or chill as we are, when we are.

The good thing is that there are ways to maintain your good vibes even when you're dealing with negative attitudes, situations or people. Here are a few ways that work for me:

It's good to make time to meditate or pray on a regular basis, but this can also be a response to situations that we might find ourselves in. Take deep breaths in and out.  Often times taking deep breaths does wonders for our mind. Even if you don't make time to meditate, just take 3 deep breaths back to back. Even if you have to set an alarm on your cellphone, set up regular times to chop it up with God in prayer throughout the day.

Be Mindful Of What You Consume
With all the craziness going on in the news, and in the world it's easy to get depressed sometimes, especially if crazy news is the only news we're feeding ourselves. Too much information with no inspiration can take a toll on the brain. General Television, radio and media is not something that can be easily ignored, but we can intentionally concentrate on information that supports growth and good character within ourselves. What we consume either consumes us or builds us. If you're on social media a lot, set up your notifications to get news from uplifting sites first. I.E., set up a devotional on YouVersion Bible App to read through, grab a good book, go to church, etc.

Get Active on Purpose
Whether it's exercising or just getting up to take a little walk outside intentionally, get active on purpose. I read a quote today on Instagram that said: "The only way to get on your feet is to get off your ass". It was funny, but it's also true. Taking a step in the direction of progress always makes a difference. I was also recently reminded of a quote that my late grandmother loved to say: "Idle hands are the devil's playground." If we're not intentionally active we're just responsive or reactive. Getting out and moving with divine purpose, attracts divine blessings.

These are only a few ways to keep positive energy and good vibes, the good news is that there are some others beyond these. What are some ways that you maintain your good vibes in the craziness of life? Share your thoughts in the comments section below:

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