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Gospel Star Shirley Caesar Gives Forward as #UNameItChallenge Goes Viral

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What happens when you put Shirley on the beat?! The holiday anthem of the year apparently. If you've been anywhere near social media, you've probably heard Pastor Caesar's voice proclaiming her wealth of "Beans, Greens, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Ram, Ham, Hogs, Dogs..." You...know the rest!! 

Recently Radio Host Willie Moore Jr. talked to Pastor Caesar and asked her if she had heard that the clip was going viral. She most certainly did. The Gospel Superstar announced her plans via Facebook to gather proceeds through her UNameItShirley website to help other ministries and her own excel at giving back to the community.

Who knew Shirley's classic sound over a hip hop beat could gain popularity so many years later...maybe going down in history as one of her greatest hits just because of it's rotation around the holidays.

Yeah, I know greatest hit may be a little bit extra given her amazing track record, but it's good to know Shirley's gospel sound is making waves around the world. It goes to show that what we listen to and consume can be changed. Most adolescents in the teen and millennial generation today don't listen to gospel music as much, often because of the lack of excitement in it's tone. Given Mama Shirley's crossover success, does gospel music have a chance to speak to the younger generation by putting old gospel tracks on a beat?!... Maybe.

Given the popularity of the challenge there really are no good excuses for humdrum gospel tunes, I mean unless it's really deep and that's what we're in the mood for. All things have their purpose.

Whatever the case, what we listen to is what will feed us, we are what we consistently eat. When it comes to the media we digest, the things we choose to watch and listen too, we can choose to consume differently. We can choose wisely and eat well. 

Grateful to see good giving forward!! Alright Now Shirley!! We Support You.

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