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New Beginnings Aren't So Bad

For real though. Who actually likes starting over. Can anyone actually, honestly say they love beginning a new from scratch.  
"New Beginnings Aren't So Bad" by Rowzina Middleton

I mean it's an interesting process. Having to take the time to be deprogrammed. Breaking mental habits, you probably did not know you even had. Really evaluating your departure from the past and understanding God having a greater plan for you. 
But seriously though. Starting over for me has not been easy. I have been accustomed to certain surroundings for so long, it is difficult not to compare. Yet in comparing I am able to see the negative in my past and the positive in my present. I have the opportunity to be debugged of all toxic emotions from the past as well as the "stinkin' thinkin'" that was associated with it. It's been about finding out who I really am. Who I am in Christ.  As well as going after all things I have ever desired in Christ. I no longer have to worry about anybody blocking me or trying to stop the anointing that they see. My ideas will no longer get knocked down by jealous people. My creativity will no longer be bashed because it's not understood. 
Starting over can have its perks. You may just meet someone new. Of you'll learn something about yourself that you'll actually love. You might stumble upon...

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