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5 Ways To Be More Confident

I finally spoke in front of a large crowd of individuals! It was certainly nerve-racking, but exhilarating. I received great feedback, which made me think...why? Honestly, I'm shy, introverted, quiet, or at least I was. Now I am more confident and empowered. I didn't wake up and become a "natural" on stage. Nope, but I followed a process to continually improve. 
I am sure that if you committed to taking the time to improve, you could also become more confident in your life. I am all about empowerment and confidence. I think it can be summed up as this: 
  1. Commit your ways to the Lord. Without continually committing your plans to the Lord, then you are going about your own business. God's way is always better than our own.
  2. Walk in your purpose. Your talent, gifts, and vision all equate to your purpose. Your purpose is what you are here to accomplish while here. If you do not know what your purpose is yet, then begin with praising God.
  3. Clarify your vision and execute it daily. Without really knowing your purpose, it is hard to articulate your vision. However, once you are in tune with your purpose and can clearly see your vision, then you can embrace it and execute it confidently.
  4. Believe in the impossible. Being a visionary takes a child-like faith. People will wear you down and you will begin to doubt yourself, but stand firm in what you believe and you will see the impossible take place.
  5. Walk and talk with surety and just be confident. The last point sums up itself! 

So I hope sharing this will inspire you to continue moving forward on your journey. Whatever it is that you seem fearful of or is just outside of your comfort zone, work towards it. One day people will think you're a natural at it when in all reality you worked hard for it.

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