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Becoming Rooted In Faith

What are you trusting in today? Is it in luxuries of this world? Perhaps the better question is, who are you trusting in?  Who you believe in is the foundation which our lives are built upon.

That is a rather major claim, right? As it should be! Jeremiah 17:7-8 explains to us that the man (or woman) who trusts in the Lord is like a tree. He does not just trusts the Lord on the surface, but it is a deep commitment and foundational piece to this trust. The trust is deep to his core. The verses go on to explain how the trust is like a tree. This tree is big and strong, clearly because it has good roots grounded in the streams. It is always being watered and nourished with goodness. So when the heat (or rough times) come along, the tree isn't worried because the roots are still strong.

This can be likened back to our relationship with the Lord. Those who trust in the Lord are like that tree. They are not swayed by life's storms. The person who trusts fully in the Lord can live out their truth and bear their fruit year round. The fruit is the witness that the truth is within you and your foundation is a good one.

Because of Christ and our trust in Him, we no longer have to hide in the shadows of life. We can be fruit bearers and stand tall like trees of righteousness. Trusting in the Lord is the firm foundation of living out who we were created to be.

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