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The Virgin Theory: They Do Exist

by: Rowzina Middleton

I am still a virgin. Yes I know. Shocking isn’t it???    

I am 29 years old and I am a virgin. And I am proud of it. I have not voluntarily given myself away to anyone. My morals and values would not allow me to go all the way with anyone. My first kiss wasn't even until High School, when at least half of the people my age at the time, had kissed someone by like, age 10. I made up in my mind and was convinced in my heart that my virginity was something special. And I was not freely giving it up to just anyone. I knew then, like I still believe now, that one day I will get married. I was always taught that sex was for married people. Once married, it is then biblically legal to “go all the way.” No guy I have come across deserved my time let alone, my essence.

So I chose to wait. I still choose to wait. Or perhaps, it was the conversation my Dad decided to have with me after finding out I had reached puberty. I can laugh now. my Daddy was trying to scare me. Little did He know, the Public schools had already started teaching Sex Education and I knew a lot more than I led on. (But that is another blog for another time.)  
Some people are shocked when I say I am a virgin. Others think something is wrong with me, I don’t like men or I’m just plain crazy. Simply put, I am just a lady who honors her morals and values. I am proud to be a virgin.

My virginity is priceless and will be given away by choice to that special individual that God has assigned to me just for me. Keeping myself is a choice. I do my best to honor God with my whole life, not just bits and pieces. So I will wait to utilize sex in the context that it was created for.
While I wait for my spouse. I will continue to work on bettering myself. I am a Proverbs 31 woman. I am happy with my decision to wait.  


So yes. Adult virgins past the age of 25 do exist. Media nor society influenced my choice. In learning to love myself, I have learned my worth. Being with just anyone is not an option for me. Being a virgin is  great. It is a wonderful thing. Do not get me wrong. It has not been easy. But I manage.  
There are many meanings to the word virgin. I consider myself to be a virgin because I have not voluntarily given myself away to anyone. I have never had sex. I am holding on to this gift until it is time to release it.
What is your definition of a virgin?
Can’t wait to hear from you.  

(Lady Unstoppable)

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