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Deal Or No Deal

by: Chancee Christian

As-is defined: as it is; its present state or condition, in the existing circumstances.

When cars have an ‘As Is’ sign on it, it’s an instant Buyer Beware, because getting into it you don’t know what the problems really are until you go forth with the deal…. they only tell you what they want you to know….. So then you gotta take it or leave it…. Deal or No Deal? Jesus said “DEAL” for ALL of us…..

Long before I got saved & before I knew Jesus as my personal Savior, I felt like I had to do Sooooo much in order for God to accept me, to bless me & even to hear His voice. I had a major fear of death because I knew in my heart, at that time of my life, I would be in hell if I died… I constantly repented, not truly understanding what repentance was (stop & turn away from)…….

Come as you are
So many people out there feel the same way I felt about God’s Acceptance! I’m so glad God placed me here to call the devil out on his lie & to tell you God wants you ‘As Is’!!! He wants the crazy you, the high you, the drunk you, the hurting you, the crying you, the doubtful you, the you that no one ever sees, the one that cries at night, the you that’s stressed out, GOD WANTS YOU!!!! ALL OF YOU!

But you MUST surrender, your will for God’s Will
You don’t have to hide certain things about yourself…..You don’t have to pretend with God….You don’t have to act like everything in your life is fine, if it’s not.  God is not like people,  repeat that, God is not like people! -Isaiah 55:8-9

In Psalms 139:7-10 it clearly states:” Where can I go to get away from your Spirit? Where can I run from you? If I go up to the heavens, you are there. If I lie down in the grave, you are there. If I rise with the sun in the east and settle in the west beyond the sea, even there you would guide me. With your right hand you would hold me.”
So instead if trying to run and hide, ducking and dodging God, we should make Him our hiding place, our place of peace, our mini vacation not only in times of trouble but always;

Psalms 32:7 You are my hiding place. You protect me from my troubles and fill me with songs of salvation.” It's time to come to the realization that God loves you….that won’t change, God wants you the way that you are, not all jazzed up and without flaws because remember Jesus died for sinners not for the people who think they have it all “together”……

This how we know it’s REAL….. In Romans 5:8
But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”
While we are/were still messed up, ugly, evil, sinful, hateful, doubtful, low down, crazy, drunk, high, hurt & fake! He still died!!!! Thank you Jesus!


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  1. Great, post and so true. God does love and accepts as all the good and the bad. God Bless


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