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Are You Bold Enough?

by: Ruthann McKenzie

Nothing fabulous ever happened within a comfort zone. This does not mean go crazy and spend all your money and credit cards on great shoes (I know I would if it did). However, stop acting and living each moment in fear. Be bold, make bold moves, and think outside of the comfort zones. This does not mean you will not feel scared when you do something bold and new, but you do it anyhow.

Surprise yourself by doing something new and exciting. You may actually enjoy it. There have been plenty of times with my design and photography work that I have decided to be bold and do something others would not do. Sometimes it has paid off for me and other times it hasn’t. Either or that did not stop me from trying and thinking out of the box with new ideas. If anything, when an idea I thought I would like did not turn out as I planned something new was born from it. Boldness births new ideas.

Everyone is doing the same thing. Where has that ever gotten you thinking the same thoughts as others and doing the same thing? Not too far or maybe it has gotten you to the point of envying those who do think out of the box. Creativity begins with a bold idea that someone executes. We all have the same power within us if we choose to harness it. It is okay to try something different because we are not meant to live in boxes.

Before we all hopped on bandwagon trends someone had to step out on a limb and be bold enough to try it first. Well, why can you not be that person to try something bold and start a new trend? Even if a trend does not happen from it, then just be happy you stand out from the crowd as a unique soul God created. If we have a creative Creator who hand crafted the world, then we are equally created with bold creativity on the inside of us. Harness that bold creative power and see where it takes you fearlessly.

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