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Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone With Power

By: Ruthann Mckenzie

Step out of your comfort zone. What is your comfort zone? What does it look like and feel like to you? Perhaps you are in a comfort zone that you have outgrown long ago. Most comfort zones are created for various different reasons, but most of the time out of fear. Fear is so powerful if you let your mind believe the illusion. At times traumatic things happen to us and we then develop a comfort zone because of it. That can be okay to cope for the moment, however long you may need, but that comfort zone cannot last forever. Nothing great happens inside of the comfort zone. There are too many limits and restricitions in a comfort zone. It seems that we are only using the comfort zone to make excuses of why we cannot do something that we really actually are capable of doing. 

I know all too well about comfort zones. I lived here trying to hide from life for years. My "comfort zone" was really a hamster wheel. I went around on the same trip over and over again. I disliked what others were doing because they were making something out of their lives. Any progress another person made I envied, yet I unhappily stayed within my comfort zone. My comfort zone was my security teddy that I bonded to after the traumas in my life. I would tell God I wanted this or that and to be moved from where I am. However, I was never willing to surrender to Him and come out of the place of where I was hiding. We hide sometimes in comfort zones. I did not really want to grow or be moved because it was scary. I wanted a relationship, but thought what happened if that person hurts me. I wanted to move out of the state I was in, but what if I cannot find a job in the new state. Something as small as cutting my hair and going natural was a struggle for me because the changes were inconceivable for me. 

There will never be a change that takes place with our comfort zone. It will be the same rut.

Touchdown in your Purpose!!

You can either learn to let go of the fear and step out in trust from your comfort zone or stay there. Where have you ever gotten by staying in your comfort spot? Is it really that comfortable? Would you really want to be there? And before you make excuses about why you cannot leave this place you are in, know that God will never take you to a place and not fully equip you. If you really intend to live your life, this short life that you have, then you need to step out of your comfort zone. This may be something different for different people. By no means do I mean go do something crazy, live by the term YOLO or anything like that. No. What I mean is if you want to build a business, stop being scared that no one will like your idea when you never even started. If you want to cut your hair, then go for it you may like it. You want a relationship, then get out and meet new great people out of your circle (that one was directly for me and who ever needs to wear that shoe)...Stop living in your past and your comfort zone at all times. 

So where can you start with coming out of your comfort zone? 

  • Have courage.  Start small, start large, but start somewhere. If you take one step forward out of your comfort zone and become scared have courage that you can overcome that thing.  Greatness is on the other side.
  • Stay in tune with your instincts.  You know what you truly need to do. You hear that voice on the inside that is pushing you, but you stifle it.  Listen and follow your instinct and heart.
  • Be smart and make good decisions.  You will know what you are suppose to do and when. Making good decisions will get you out of your comfort zone.
  • Encourage yourself. Get scared and overcome that comfort zone. Speak good things over your life and you will see the changes manifest.

If by all means you must stay within your comfort zones, then stop complaining that you never get anywhere. At times we are called to leave our past and comfort zone behind, but we are too busy holding on to it that we refuse to hear God telling us to release it and trust Him. We do not like to surrender it all and leave the place that is comfortable in fear that we will not like the new.  If you never are never willing to let go of what is familiar, then how will you know if you will like the new or not? Again, nothing great ever happens within a comfort zone. What opportunities or dreams are you passing up because of remaining in your comfort zone? Maybe it is time to move into the realm of where the magic happens and leave your comfort zone behind!

Ruthann McKenzie is the creator of where she blogs and coaches others to be confident and live victoriously. Follow her updates on Facebook and Instagram: @theconfidentyou 

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