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The Other "But God"

By: April D. Byrd

A lot of us have heard and love Isaac Carree's song "But God" praising God's power to turn dead end or hopeless situations around. We love it and it's powerful but there's a different contrast to the words that we don't talk about.

In her message Author, Speaker Christine Caine talks about a different "But God" that only hinders us and holds us back. In the video she talks about all the excuses we throw up to God for what we can't do. "We Need to get our big "BUTS" out of the way!" The body of Christ needs a "But-ectomy". God's not interested in our "Buts". "All your buts are saying is that your limitations are bigger than God's supernatural ability to do something incredible." If we get our eyes off our own limitations and set them on God it's Amazing what God can achieve on our behalf.

You can check out the message in the video (below). It's up to us to be BOLD and put God's will first against all odds. 

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