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Transformed and Made New

By: Rowzina Middleton

My mother passed away in October 2006. This was written about a year later, as a reminder of who I am in Christ. It was and still can be a very trying time. But hey, at the end of the day, I am still standing.

I must reintroduce myself.

It’s been 14 months since my mom died. When I lost her, I almost lost it. To this day I still don’t know how I’ve been making it. I don’t know how to make it on my own. So I’m learning, taking it day by day.

This past year has been off the hook crazy. If I had to give ‘07 a theme it would be “those who suffer reign with Christ in order to get stronger.” I can honestly say, sometimes, I just feel weaker. Even more trials have seemed to arise; trying to side track me, mislead and misguide me. Trying to make me lose my focus, lose my faith, lose myself. I’ve been betrayed, stabbed in the back, used, abused, my name has been trampled over, stomped all over, belittled, lied on, I’ve been misunderstood, unaccepted in my own home so to speak. Sounds to me I’ve been treated as those in the Bible days treated Jesus. To suffer with Christ is to reign with Him. Can’t be just like Christ if you can’t suffer with Christ. 

This life is a continuous spiritual fight and we fight with spiritual weapons. Our lives have purpose. And there is a process- those things that we go through that help us and prepares us to show up for the promise, a prepared table in the presence of our enemies. This part of my life is my “Turning Point.”

Always keep Running On... - Rowzina Middleton

 I’m in a “Prophetic Transition.” “As my praise increases, my blessings shall increase as well.” “He is the God of the breakthrough.” And I know all things work together for the good of them who love God and are the called according to His purpose. Nothing I’ve done has been done in vain. I can’t help save everyone. Have to drop the dead weight. Focus on myself as I focus on God and His promises for me. I have the victory. There are angels encamped around me, fighting for me. Jesus continues interceding for me. You know on those days that I don’t know what to pray for and all I can manage to say is Jesus or moan or just close my eyes and shake my head. My Jesus prays on my behalf. 

So yes I’m going thru hell right now. The devil is attacking, while God is testing. At the same time my Daddy is blessing- molding me and making me- loving me - Metamorphically changing me from the inside out. I surely do not look like what I’ve been through. My smile displays my joy and my peace. Learning yet and still to totally depend on Jesus. It was He who saved me. He who keeps and loves me. The me, who keeps messing up and getting distracted, He dies on that cross for me, “an overly animated bag of mere dust.”

As I’m nailed to this cross and the Lord continues to break me and make me more uncomfortable, I prepare for my Resurrection- new beginning. I am in Christ. I am a new creature. Old things have passes away as I’m being made new. Who you see now you won’t see this time next year.

How are ya?
My name is Rowzina -- "UNSTOPPABLE".
I’ve stopped looking back and I am pressing toward the mark of the prize of the high calling which is in Christ Jesus. It’s been a pleasure meeting you.


Rowzina is an Author, Entrepreneur and contributor to BOLDJournal. Stay updated with the latest posts from Breath Of Life Daily on Twitter and Instagram@BOLDJournal. Rowzina's Book: This Right Here Is A Faith Walk Can Be Purchased on Amazon.

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