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From Nothing To Something: The Dainhen Butler Story

Not too many people can say life was nice and easy for them growing up. Dainhen Butler will tell you his life wasn't extremely hard as a young adult, but it definitely wasn't easy. Dainhen went from a childhood that wasn't all sunshine, and went for something better with his life...or at least what he thought was "better" at the time. He got involved with quick and easy money and a life of crime at a young age. With faith and the drive to be better, he was able to turn it all around. His situation has worked out for the greater good, and he is continuing to help, and be an influential voice in his community.

In the mid 90's Dainhen Butler was sentenced to serve 10 Years (1996-2006) in Lee Arrendale State Prison for armed robbery. Lee Arrendale State Prison formerly known as ALTO, was transitioned from a men's facility to an all women's facility because of it's violent reputation. Being the son of two business owners, Dainhen rose from the ashes of his past mistakes and now run's several businesses in the local Georgia community: FunTime Moonwalk Rentals, A&B Ice Cream Trucks, and Tender Care Home Healthcare Service. Dainhen also published a book on his testimony- Shawty: Dainhen Butler.

From Nothing To Something Productions produced a documentary expounding on Dainhen's story: The Alto Adjustment is complete with firsthand interviews and footage of family's members and friends who were apart of Dainhen's process from inmate to inspiration. From Nothing To Something Productions is sponsoring a screening tour of The Alto Adjustment for youth organizations, churches, schools, foster homes, etc. in the Metro Atlanta area. Check out this amazing story! Watch the official trailer for The Alto Adjustment in association with Modest Media (below):

For booking information about The Alto Adjustment tour and From Nothing To Something Productions visit their website: / E-mail Producer Altuawn Nelson at and connect on Twitter and Instagram:  @FN2SP_  +From Nothing to Something Productions 

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