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I Conquered That - Rowzina Middleton

Poetry by Rowzina Middleton

I almost died a month ago
See satan was granted permission to bait me
Whispering demonic nothings in my ear
Tempting me
The weapon of suicidal thoughts was formed
Tried to tell me he was going to take me out
End my life
Oh I did doubt
I was not taking what lucifer said seriously
After all He will always be my enemy

The weapon it formed but it could not prosper
That day all day the enemy attempted to persuade me
To kill me
Commit suicide and end me
Thank God for praying friends
Who walk by my side
Loving me enough to speak life into me
To pray for my mind and my sanity
To talk to me until things subside
Remind me of who I am and what’s on the inside
Of me

Yea I almost died a month ago
Oxygen level was beyond a normal low
The doctors could not believe it
Medical staff baffled
Nursing staff visiting the ICU
Just to see a walking, living, breathing

Lost so much blood I had a few transfusions
Platelets were destroyed
They had to be replaced
Iron so low
Body was weak
In 2 days I was almost back on my feet
See I have praying people
Who rock on my team
Those who genuinely care about me and my well being
Seeing what I could not see spiritually
Pushing me prayerfully
Into my destiny

Time to pay attention
Pay attention
God always gets His glory
Out of us our testimony, out of our story

First stay at the hospital
On bed rest for 2 days
Nurses had to do everything for me
Even clean me
Walking  wasn’t easy
I would fall to my knees
Nurses having to catch me

I had time to think
Re-evaluate everything
Was reminded of who I am in Christ
I have purpose
So no satan you cannot take my life
I belong to God
I live for Him

It's my turn
To do what I do best
Shine my light so bright that
Satan and his useless army are so blinded by that light
They get distracted
They will get no satisfaction from me
Already defeated
I have the victory

So yea I almost died a month ago
I shouldn't be standing here today
Doing much better than I was before
Proving to the enemy, my haters and naysayers that my life has meaning
Purpose, I am walking in my destiny
I'm living in my promised land
Collecting all its attributes
Loving my life, pursuing my dreams
Making them a reality
No it’s not too late
I got another chance
To live this loaned life to the fullest

So grateful to be alive today
I will testify of how great my God is
How He has healed me delivered me,
Anointed and gifted me
Loves me more than I can even comprehend
Purpose lives on the inside of me
It cannot and will not die
My life goals and plans
God ideas will manifest from within me
I have the victory
Nothing can stop me

I am successful
I am unstoppable

My new mantra since my hospital  discharge:
I have conquered ITP
ITP will not conquer me

For more poetry by Rowzina. Check out her book This Right Here Is A Faith Walk on Amazon. Follow up with Rowzina on Twitter @row_unstoppable   +Rowzina Middleton .


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me.

    1. Thank You Rowzina for being a Contributor!! Blessings!!


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