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I Quit

By Carla Marcelle

The infamous “I quit”, is a scary set of words when you know you have no sure fire backup plan to run to. I know all to well the negative connotation that others will begin to formulate on your behalf when they notice you have given up stability. Your stability, your 9 to 5, your 4 to 12, or in my case my 11:30 pm to 7 am, was how I provided for my family and maintained my lifestyle. That so called stability I sought, came at a heavy cost. I was always stressed out, and I didn’t have time to watch my little girl grow up. I lived an hour away from my job, and because of the time I got off in the morning it would take me almost 3 hours to get home due to rush hour traffic. It was crazy, because I would try so hard not to fall asleep behind the wheel, but I could often feel my brain shutting down on me, as my eyes would close. All these things were underlying reasons for wanting to quit my job, but the most pervasive reason was I was not satisfied.

I was not effective in the role I was playing in my work. Being in social services, I was not reaching those that needed me, and I was simply there to get a check, a check that was not sufficient enough to adequately make my ends meet. On my way to work, I would think, “Why am I going there”. At work I would think, “I hate this place”, on my way home I would have been so happy through my two hour commute if I didn’t have to focus on staying awake. 

When I got home I would sleep my day away, wake up at about 6 pm, cook dinner, go to work, come back home, and the cycle started all over again. I couldn't take it anymore. I knew this could not be the life I was destined to have. I knew whatever my purpose for being on this earth; this job did not fulfill it. I could not take care of my body the way I needed to, and I hated my life. This job, my stability, my income source, was ruining me daily. One day while at work, My supervisor called me into his office, and asked me “what is going on?” He said to me,  “My job was not being done effectively, and I may need to take some time off.” I stopped listening. Five minutes into the conversation, I began to cry, “I can’t do this anymore”. I handed him my keys, and went to my unit, packed up my belongings and proceeded to my car. On my way out, a coworker stopped me, and said you will make it, keep your head up.

As I began driving, I did not know what I was going to do, how I was going to provide for my child, or keep a roof over our head. But what I do know is that, I have purpose. I have destiny, and if I trust the creator, and not the things he created, I would make it. I knew I was victorious, and no weapon formed against me would prosper. I stepped out on a leap of faith. God's word reads:

Come to me, you who are tired and worried, and I will give you rest. Take up my work, and learn from me, for I am gentle and kind, and you will discover an abiding peace in your soul. My requirements are easy and the load you carry will be light. Matthew11:28-30, (TLB)

So as I cling to Gods word, and as I submit my self to him, that abiding peace fills my soul. I discover my true purpose, what makes me happy, the tools that are naturally imparted within me to accomplish the specific task I was put here to achieve.

Why should you spend your money for that which is not bread, or work for that which does not satisfy”. -Isaiah 55:2,

What does bread represent? Bread is your provision, your blessing, sustainability, and the bridge of cooperation between your work in the field, and the blessings bestowed to you from God.  Why should you work for that which does not satisfy? God said His requirements are easy, and your labor will be light. So in reality it only makes sense to do what your passion is. You will only have your peace doing what God has designed you to do. In completing your calling, you will be satisfied.

I have discovered great gifts I have for writing, helping people discover purpose, giving inspiration, and I have never been more satisfied. All my needs are met and I have been greatly blessed. I am able to spend time with my daughter and watch her grow. So yes, I quit my job, and gained life more abundantly, and realized I quit on Purpose. So the question is, are you satisfied?

Carla Marcelle is a Life Coach, Writer, and Contributor to BOLDJournal.


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