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Motivation: Self-Love + Recap with Earnest Pugh

Shortly before Valentine's Day BOLD Journal participated in a twitter chat with Gospel Recording Artist Earnest Pugh, Author Rhachelle Nicol, and others under the hashtag #LoveMeFirst. The discussion dealt with the intrinsic power of self-love.

Self-love may seem simple, but it's a component that affects so many areas of our daily lives. Some people need more of it. Self-love can motivate us, and also allow us to feel the spirit of God even more.

Thank you to @Rhachelle Nicol for extending the invitation and @EarnestPugh for being a panelist in the discussion. Be sure to Download Earnest Pugh's latest hit "You Are So Beautiful" it's available for download on Amazon.

 Check out the recap and discussion questions from the #LoveMeFirst twitter chat. For more tweets on the subject follow the hashtag.

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