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For Colored Girls, Miley Cyrus, and The Rest Of Us

Your Destiny Will Compensate You For Your Pain. ~ Max Lucado [Tweet This]

Life is a journey, not a destination, so of course we’re all subject to a wrong turn…or two, or at least however many it takes us to get on the right track. “Child star gone wrong” seems to be a new Disney theme song for most of the kids from the Hollywood hood. Some of them cleaned up their act, but stars like Amanda Bynes, Demi Levato, and Lindsey Lohan were all beating down a familiar path of adolescent madness, and making headlines for being a hot mess. Miley Cyrus is taking good care not to be an exception.
She’s the latest trending topic online for being considered a train wreck in action. She’s built a new league of haters and speculators all onboard for the ride, it seems like everybody hates on Miley now. Yes, her two little teddy bear ears at the VMA’s just made her look like the devil, but maybe she’s not. We can only hope it’s just a phase. She is just 20 years old after all…but then again most 20-year-olds don’t carry around teddy bears.
Bear-y, bear-y strange behavior!
Is Miley acting out because of a “lost childhood”? Was the weight of juggling two lives really too much for Hannah Miley? If that’s the case then forget the haters, that balancing act was quite entertaining! She’s put in her work; she knows the struggle is real. Let the girl turn up, be ratchet, and “twerk” out her issues with the homies. Miley knows how to put on a show and all the media is buzzing, but what about the real “hood” girls whose stories go unsung, struggling to make the rent, on food stamps, and just surviving, with no “Mr. Deeds” to help them out and no President Fitz to bail them out.
Yes, she probably has issues, but until Miley gets a “Kink in her hair” the struggle of balancing fame and normality is weak in comparison to the depth of most black girl problems. However, no one can ever really ever know the pain that Miley or anyone else goes through. Tragedy is not limited to colored girls who have considered suicide. Everybody has issues. We all have our own journey and a personal “climb” we must endure. Our journey teaches us the lessons we’re meant to grow from.
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