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G O! New Hope Baptist Church

It's Go Time! The "Grand Opening" service at New Hope Baptist Church was spectacular! The atmosphere was excellent in vision, but also in spirit. The beautiful Church facility with it's cylindrical design and two tier seating recently underwent a total redesign. At the opening of the service, media footage was shared as the workers built the church from the ground up. The arena like setting with the glorious lighting gives off a concert vibe; A concert for Christ!

Although the church is advanced and upgraded,  there is still comfort and coziness in the place for worship. Some mega churches can seem a bit distant, but the spirit of God was still actively present and heavy in the environment at New Hope. The pastor consecrated the ground material of the sanctuary with blessing oil and let the worship and the word commence.

Pastor Canton Jones, (above) a gospel artist and worship leader turned the crowd up with "Our God is an awesome God and delivered new music with an event CD: "Go Mode". Praise and worship was phenomenal, with beautiful instruments and beautiful voices, but all the grandeur was still not enough to take away from the spirit of God.

Surprisingly when the word came people were focused. There were no distracting side conversations or too much random unnecessary movement. The message was candid and delivered with clarity. Another great thing about New Hope is that for a Baptist Church in the south it was sprinkled with all cultures and races of people. The diversity was refreshing.

Guest Speaker

In the nature and spirit of "GO TIME" The guest pastor taught a  message from 2 Timothy 1-8 entitled:

 " How To Make a Difference For Christ"

  1. Stir Up (v.6)
  2. Stand Up (v. 8a)
  3. Step Out (v. 8b)

Experiencing  time at New Hope church provided  exactly what it's name promises: New Hope!  It delivered  a sense that there is new hope for the church and the body of Christ! Hope that we can all get along in beautiful unison to worship God, Hope that we can and should make technological advances on behalf of the kingdom and it confirmed witness that the house of the Lord is indeed the best place anyone could be.

Even with a new facility and celebrity support, what was most praiseworthy about the Grand Opening was the theme and maxim for the event: "Its Go Time"! It is indeed Go time! for all Gods children everywhere in the world.

It's time for us to stir up the gifts God gave us, Stand Up for the word of God, and step out into the world to actively live it and proclaim it.

Congrats to New Hope Baptist Church for continually making new steps! Go New Hope, Go!

Swag Bag and  Church Propaganda

Visit their website and learn more about new hope at their website:  If you are a Georgia resident and you don't have a church home, consider going to their church.

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