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Motivation: Your Power To Win Is Within

The blessing doesn't come from what you get out of life, 
but from what you put into it.” -April D. Byrd 

The DRIVE comes from inside...

We have the gift of life! Life is the ability to move, to do, make choices, make decisions, so on and etc. It encompasses everything we make it to be, because we have the power to make it so. Empowerment is action based. Truly every choice that we make and action we take can either bless us or break us down. When we have wisdom and enlightenment in our lives, we make better choices than if we didn't have them at all. Here are a few simple, yet powerful ways to take over the world:


Read the bible and other positively empowering or faith-based content. Show yourself approved, verified, certified. Stay Motivated! Wisdom makes you a more valuable human being. Knowledge is power and an asset to the whole world. “Because of your wisdom, because of your knowledge, because of your life giving word, you can help somebody out of the pain and anguish that they experience! You can also continually help yourself. Study is a reminder for the brain. Words are powerful don’t take studying and knowing the Lord for granted. Utilize the power!

Communication is key. Your life is based on your own perception of it, if you have a wrong perception of it can be miserable, if you have a God perception of it it will be exhilarating... to say the least. Prayer provides a confidante. It helps to give dominion and authority in decision making. It's also a practice of focus and it makes us more in touch with our good spirit daily.

Self-discipline is vital for success. Harness the power of focus. It can be gained through prayer and meditation. Fasting also helps. Our conquering is in our concentration. its so easy to get distracted in all the business of the world . All the different types of media can be a big distraction. People can be as well. Do not let other peoples emotions affect your emotions, primarily ones of negativity or hostility. If someone else's bad mood sways your own it shows they control you, it projects your own lack of vision and good perception. Scripture reads if the blind lead the blind both will fall in the ditch(1), or otherwise grave. Where there is no vision the people perish(2). Hate kills. Your life is your liberty. Experience it as a gift.

(click) Matthew 25: 14-30

Seek good counsel and get the joy and peace you need for your soul. Everything you want in life, you have the power to go get.

but remember it's important what you get! Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore
 get wisdom: and with all your getting get understanding. -Proverbs 4:7

Money doesn't rule the world, innovation does and it's all yours for the taking!. Make the choice to be awesome today and #thinkBOLD!

1.) Matthew 15:14
2.) Proverbs 29:18
3.) Matthew 25: 14-30
4.) Proverbs 4:7

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