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Lets Get It Done

Let's Get It Done!!
Its time to get up! Strengthen your self! Brush the dust off your dream, focus and get things done. Do you have a passion and a dream throbbing in the recess of your soul that you can't seem to shake, but don't know how to birth? Well then, this message is for you. It's one thing for you to settle for a while , stick your dream on a shelf, as you get yourself together so you can prepare to passionately go after it. It's however, a totally different thing for you to kill your dream because you have reasons that make you believe your dream is too lofty for you to go after and is impossible for you to successfully accomplish.

We all have what we call legitimate reasons why we think we cannot pursue our passion and dream. Think being the operating word. I however have great news for you! It's not too late for you to go after your passion. I know you may have tried many times and failed, I also know that deep within you, your dream still lives, no matter how hard you try to kill it. 

Understand that your dream gives you reason to come alive and empowers your capacity to produce with joy and enthusiasm. Your dream drives your passion and brings you satisfaction. It enables you to come alive and live with excitement. Without a dream you and those around you perish because the capacity to see is diminished, therefore hope is curtailed. Your dream is also your vision, so it allows you to forecast and live for larger things rather than just bread and butter. It's your dream once set in motion and moving that brings your self worth to new levels, and cause your confidence to grow because you were fashioned, equipped, gifted, prepared and brought into this earth for the birthing of your dream, so it can impact this earth. Dreams have produced heroes in very unlikely places who endued great odds with tenacity and zeal because their dream was louder than the obstacles they faced, in fact the obstacles themselves were the very reason for birthing the dream 

I ask you again, do you have a dream? Is your passion aligned with your dream or have you ceased to dream because you are scared to live or to fail? 

I know what it feels like to know your purpose, have a deep seated passion and lofty dream that you think you can not actualize. I also know the painful frustration of avoiding to pursue your dreams in the name of what ever obstacle you think stands as a mountain between you and your dream. But I know the joy and satisfaction that comes from surrendering your self to your passion and pursuing your dream. It's life altering and exhilarating. It centers you and brings you balance and gives you reason to become. Let Voice Of Wisdom Transformational Coaching come along side you and walk with you to your dream with passion. It's a new day and new season, Lets get it done, because you can.

Coming soon!!!! "Let's Get It Done" Conferences! If you have a dream be on the look out!!!!!!

--Coach Jennifer

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