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Testimony: Candace Fleming

At every church service there is the welcoming altar call to fully accept Jesus in to your life and be surrounded in praises and prayer. For some it may be intimidating, because of the voluntary outpouring of your burdens at the altar and fear of being judged. On a usual November morning service in 2012 What You Allow Blogger Candace Fleming decided to resist the anxiety in her spirit, and finally enhance her relationship with her heavenly Father. 

This is her story...

                     My Relationship with My Father
                                                                 By Candace Fleming  

In late November 2012, I remember my Pastor asking all of us to come to the pulpit for healing. I felt something tugging on my heart strings to get deliverance from things I had been dealing with since a teenager so I preceded to walk upfront. Growing up I always went to church. I knew about God and  accepted Christ as my Lord and savior. But it wasn’t until my pastor asked if we had a relationship with God that got me to thinking. Automatically I said of course I do. But when I got home and really thought about it I realized knowing God is totally different than having a relationship with him. 

For so many years, my life consisted of me living in my flesh and doing what felt right to me. I hoped God would give me time to get my act together before life forced me to. Soon after, I started noticing things around became chaotic and I brushed it off because things get tough right? Soon after things got worse. I’ve always been a strong individual but I had to cry out for mercy, because mentally I was cracking. I always wondered what I did so bad to be going through things like this. I never pointed fingers at my Heavenly Father because I had a choice. From that day I made a vow to him and myself to get my act together and learn to be obedient.

 I not only began attending  church on Sundays, but also on Tuesdays and Wednesdays because I craved to be immersed in the spirit. The more I attended the more knowledgeable I became about my faith.  I just wanted to do better for myself and my son. I joined
the church, started tithing, and I started to serve in our Planet Kidz ministry. One day I got tired and I decided to stay at home. I was in a funk. I didn’t feel like going anywhere so I told my son we wouldn’t be going to church today (which was rare). My son told me,  

“If you hurt your pinkie finger, that is no excuse not to go to church.” 

And he was right. God uses things and people to teach us, we just have to be receptive to it. I was so proud of my baby that day. As adults we are suppose to teach our children, but our children can definitely teach us as well.

Let me get back to the significance of November 2012. I walked up to the pulpit to get deliverance. I remember saying in a faint whisper that I wanted to be healed of all the generational curses I was dealing with from my childhood. I remember there were so many people laying their hands on me. My knees got weak and I swear not one thought was in my head. All I remember doing was shouting, Thank You Jesus. I said it over and over again. It was almost like it wasn’t me. I realized I had submitted myself and the Holy Spirit overcame my body and my thoughts and it was a beautiful feeling. One of the best feelings in the world and one I will never forget. I walked back to my seat and my whole body was trembling. Something that I never experience in 30 years of living happened to me just because I sought Him out and believed in Him to do the impossible. So you see, it doesn’t matter where we’ve been or where we are-- all it takes is a mustard seed of faith. I hope this has been an inspiration to you as this journey has been for me.

Candace Fleming is a blogger that hails from Mississippi and has turned her passion for writing her thoughts in journals to sharing her thoughts on relationships, reality TV and more on her blog What You Allow. Her son is her greatest accomplishment and she contributes as much love to him as she does her writing. We invite you to follow Candace on her  Facebook Fan Page  and Twitter @whatyouallow.

Introduction, Bio, and Editing by Carmen Fletcher

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