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Motivation: Just Go!

It's another week! Time to grind! Coach/Pastor Jennifer of Tabernacle Of Peace Ministries shared some very positive fuel  in a recent message. She mentioned the plight of David, Naphtali, and Jabez of the Bible and all they had to overcome to rise victoriously. You are not your history, or any accursed name given to you by people. You are a Son of promise, No obstacle can hinder your progress without the proper justification.

When God tells you to Go, just go! You are protected by purpose. "...When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him." Arise into your promise and lift up your standards. Be a person of Character. Refuse to let what you see around you hold you down. You are not defined by the people before you, you are not defined by the circumstances surrounding you. You are what God calls you! 

Honor the voice of God on the inside of you that speaks more powerful and greater things. Be blessed (Indeed) to let the blessing on the inside also be seen on the outside. Honor comes to those who are hardworking intelligent and know who they are. You are who God created, you are who He called you to be. Let your concentration and focus line up with it. 

If we never experience limited times we would never know how to celebrate the blessed ones. The thing you think disadvantages you, actually works for your advantage. As you go and keep going on this Journey may your discouragement turn into encouragement.

-April Byrd

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