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Mississippi Put Prayer Back In School

"MISSISSIPPI NOW HAS PRAYER BACK IN IT'S SCHOOLS!!!" the post going viral across Facebook, however, the thing about this news is, IT'S A MAJOR VICTORY!! (smile) America in it's current state of affairs could definitely use a lot more divine guidance. Pledging allegiance to a flag representing states united under God is a definite plus!!
Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people he chose for his inheritance. Psalm 33:12
Pray without Ceasing.
Mississippi lawmakers have passed legislation that would legalize student-led prayer in the state's public schools. Senate Bill 2633, which went to Gov. Phil Bryant March 6 for his signature, would also allow students to talk about their faith in the classroom and organize school Bible clubs, as well as pray at football games, graduation ceremonies, and during morning announcements.
Sponsors of the bill said that secular groups have intimidated and confused school administrators about the legality of religious expression in schools, and the law is meant to bring clarity. According to those on both sides of the issue, “Organized school prayer remains widespread in Mississippi, despite opponents’ efforts to curtail it,” reported the Associated Press. “In October, for example, the ACLU sent a letter to the Lincoln County school system demanding a halt to routine prayer at West Lincoln High School.”
The bill's proponents insist it will not force students to pray, but will enable them to do so voluntarily. But Bear Atwood, director of Mississippi's ACLU chapter, argued that students who do not wish to pray would still be a captive audience. Christianity Today quoted Atwood as saying that the new law could also lead to procedural issues and unwanted favoritism, such as with “school administrators selecting which students lead prayer in announcements or before a basketball game.”
One of the leaders in the campaign for school prayer over the past several years has been Republican State Rep. Mark Formby, who has introduced a school prayer bill every year since 2009. He said the measure is meant to dispel all confusion about what students can and cannot do in school relative to religious expression, including wearing religious-themed clothing, discussing their faith in the classroom, and voluntarily praying at school-sponsored events. “I'm not so much worried about what's allowed as what's disallowed,” Formby told Fox News. He added that he has had many conversations with parents concerned about the issue, and the bill is meant to clear the air. Formby explained that the measure “doesn't have to restore school prayer,” but it “will allow children, on a voluntary basis, to pray or not to pray.”

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