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Valentine's Day Victory: One (POEM) Inspired by Real Love

Celebrating love all year round' is good, but  there's one special day in the United States that romantic love is heavily venerated. Inspired by love, empowerment, and a true story of overcoming obstacles in a long-term relationship, in this piece Writer Carmen Fletcher shares her heart with her boyfriend of 7 years, Rashad.

Through every struggle they always find their way back to a stronger, adventure filled love. Carmen Inspires us through her words and love that a true blessing from God. we must "Never Let Go".

Hold on to your faith and to true love when you find it!


No one has ever given me the surging power from head to toe that makes my heart skip beats and my spirit glow out of the darkness that I’ve only known from childhood and now when I’m grown…

Love that thing Everyone kept telling me about that made me stronger than I’ve ever been, seeing the world in a better light that saved me from the unholiest of sins.

 Victorious moments are so much more fulfilling when I look at the pride in your eyes knowing that is emerging from the very spirit that you share with me Every night when your lips touch mine and follow with a laugh and smile that could stop the world for a peaceful moment. 

I fearfully and foolishly tried to Run away from the bondage of this feeling that made the whole person that my heavenly Father destined for me; a successful being that purposefully Leaves a mark on the world that will change its rotation from a path of destruction.

 I am no savior and will never Ever be but you invoke the strength in me to hold my head high when my body crumbles, and when my body is able to stand the worlds demands nothing stops you from standing next To me. 

My Gratitude for the presence of this unnatural feeling that has commanded my thoughts, my words, my actions, and redirected life’s meaning can be spoken, screamed, sung for heaven and earth to hear about the Overabundance of power that flows through my joyous tears and has bound our spirits through our interlaced hands and made a promise so dear to Never Let Go.

-Carmen Fletcher  is a Public Relations manager and writer that willingly shares her perspective on life, love, and more through poetry, testimonies, and inspirational stories. She has contributed to the book Super Singles Activate! Testimonies to Inspire and Uplift the Single Woman and is currently working on several books of her own. She is also the organizer of the Rise Above Campaign featured on the fan page of inspirational book Yes! Confess Success

photo credits: boujbuzz

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