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The Glorious Miserable Road (POEM)

2 Timothy 1:7
I’m not a ‘good Christian’
I don’t put ashes on my head
Preacherman told me-
Without faith, I might as well be dead
But who said I was faithless?
My spirit is very much free
Because my God built my strength.
 through misery

Listen, I had
Holes in my long boots
cutting my feet on streets of glass
Thrown away by those saying “I love you”
Each meal treated like my last
No life form to talk to
just the box, bridge, and me.
Until 5:02 at dawn when the Light awoken me.

Stepping out barefoot
still on the streets of glass.
Trusting on His promise and
living darkness from my past.
Beatings, greed, and needles
ripping out from my core.
Stripped down to nothing
I thought there would be more.

Walking in my own trail of tears
I was drained of ever poison,
And every fear
I couldn’t see the goodness
 in the tears of gold.
I believed He broke His promise
and was ready to sell my soul.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path -Psalm 119:105

Ignoring the glimmer of the path of tears
I regressed into the familiar darkness that I once feared
I dove deep enough to see the gates of hell
Whipped myself with rods of shame
Ready to surrender my spirit until…

I awakened
into a dream of second chances,
friendly handshakes, and welcoming romances.
Respecting the master of my fate
and conqueror of my soul
I cried, bled, and walked on ,
because He kept promising me
That you my child will have glory

not an Oscar winning actress, inventor, or billionaire,
yet I matter because I breathe air.
not a perfect spirit,
a  sin walker with good deeds.
It’s not amazing to you,
but this is the path He chose for me.

Solid shoes on my feet
With more mountains to climb.
Some will be smooth, treacherous,
and filled with land mines.
My strength is still building,
At least I am victorious and free

Thank God!

For this glorious road of misery

by Carmen Fletcher

Photo credit: Librarything, Mike Mcaughny

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