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Fasting Gone Fabulous?

“But this kind does not go out except by fasting and by prayer.” (Matthew 17:21)

If you read the Bible you know the intrinsic value of fasting. Religiously it can be used to build a better focus throughout prayer. As Christians we sometimes turn to it. We know the benefits of it, only when we use it accordingly, but some celebrities are using fasting for a different purpose.

The Daniel Fast (21 days) only vegetables is good for cleansing, but is unconditional fasting useful for healthy weight loss? According to Chaka Khan it is. It's part of the reason why she looked so good at the American Idol Finale. 

 Clutch magazine shares some reasons why it might not be so good, and it's best to stick with exercise, good eating habits and the like. Would you ever fast to lose weight? Why or why not?

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