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Build What Matters First...Then Go Hard!

What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet lose his soul. --Mark 8:36

For all the success mongers and big dreamers we know we want the world. We wanna live it up! So we should. However, the grounding of our spirit is the only thing that matters in the end when everything else and everybody else goes away. What will we be left with besides our soul? So, if we really wanna build something up it should be our soul.

Life is good and we can't have a beneficial, complete one if our soul standing isn't really right. Peace of mind is everything. To have that we should feed our soul. Our hearts should have confidence and trust in the word of God first, because all the issues of life come out of it.

If you got all the riches in the world, but it comes with a headache and a heartache then something is seriously wrong! The bible says "The blessing (empowerment) of the Lord maketh rich and adds no sorrow. --Proverbs 10:22  The people that don't have the material wealth need to get their minds right so when they get it they don't go crazy, but use it accordingly and the people that do have it need to stop placing such a heavy dependence on it. The spirit of God is the only medium of balance in between.  Wholeness is in God. So, where can you go, what are you gonna do about it?

It's great to be a go-getter, but what's the point of having everything with no soul to enjoy it. It's like having a huge feast set before you, but  having no taste buds. Really! Living outside of the purpose for wealth and empowerment takes the flavor out of life. Add some spice by empowering your spirit first. When you first win on the inside, the outside can't help but line up.

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  1. Most people can't handle a bunch of money,they will make a bigger mess. Just sit back and watch all of these athletes, and celebs.


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