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Beyond Customer Service: Christ's POS

How does your spirit look to a deaf person?  How does your spirit sound to a blind person?

Christ's love is the greatest POS!
These questions came to mind recently, because It's easy to get caught up on looks and how things look on the outside, but what's really imporatant is the wholeness and beauty of our spirit. We are all created to give life and empower, but that's not possible with having a negative, beaten, or broken down spirit. Working in customer service I've experienced how easy it is to be in "presentational mode". Honestly, sometimes I get carried away in putting on a front of plastic cheerfulness almost like I'm apart of the merchandise on Wal-mart's shelf. Because I work there, there is a certain standard to be expected. However, I'm grateful that the standard of Christ's love is much more important.

What I've been getting in my spirit lately is that is not about what's going on on the outside, but what's going on, on the inside. Besides the items on the shelf there is a life that people really need to help them be empowered as well. To be a vessel of life for others and have a truly giving spirit thats where our blessing comes in.

Just like it's easy for customer service workers to feel like they need to be perfect in a way, it's easy for retail customers to have a bad attitude and feel entitled to talk down to someone else. It's weird, I have encountered flagrant disrespect lately by some costumers, thankfully I heard God's spirit over theirs. When people are rude like that it's natural to wanna be rude back to them and meet their attitude. In those moments I am grateful to God for  wisdom. What it takes to be a true leader is not judging others or holding grudges toward them because of their actions, but seeing them in all their mess, and loving them inspite of; also, loving them "because of". Hurting people don't need more hurt, they need love. And the true love of God in our hearts will give us the capacity and the strength to provide that.

Remember no matter what job you do or what field you are in, we are blessed by working for God. Sharing Christ's love is the (Point of sale).We should provide the best customer service to everyone we come in contact with, because in that lies our strength and our blessing. God always lifts us up to do the job we are called to do.

“The world makes way for the man who knows where he is going” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

So at all times be led by the spirit of God and keep your eye on the prize. It's truly not about what's going on or how things look on the outside, but the consistency, wellness, and beauty in our spirit everyday. So give love and give life, In Christ you will always have it to give.

Be Blessed.


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  1. This is something that I have to work on April. Its hard for me to take rudeness and not give it back!


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