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BOLD Testimony: Kathy Tucker

 Katherine Tucker's amazing grace.
Kathy Tucker lives in Griffin. I had the honor to meet at her and loved her spirit. Instantly I knew it was a familiar one: She loved the Lord. Before long she shared her testimony with me and the rest was history. Not just any history, but an amazing history of how through faith, she overcame a deadly illness.  The same doctor who initially gave her a bad diagnosis ended up proclaiming the miracle of the Lord with her and over her. I am blessed to have met this woman and I'm grateful to God for her sharing her awesome story with me and the world.

In Kathy's own words, this is her bold testimony:

My name is Katherine G. Tucker and around March 2nd 2012, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I was totally devastated. Until you've heard the big C word you will never know what it does with a person’s mind and you know that disease is sent straight from hell to kill and destroy the person and take away someone that prays or just cause death and suffering. Many times Satan will  strike a praying person (if  God allows and remember Satan has to go through our father) and may God help those who don't have Jesus Christ and the praying saints for them who will saturate the prayer warrior in need of prayer to get them back on the field of war in praying once again. 

 Thank God I had Jesus Christ and the Griffin Center Point Church saints of God and the church of Jesus Christ as my prayer partners and may I remind you to those reading this that as I cry with tears of rejoicing what God has done for me. I had my surgery on the 14th of March and on the 23rd I received the results of the Surgical Pathology Report. With the MRI that I had around the 5th came back showing another cyst in my left breast and a 3rd one was found at the time of surgery but it showed my right breast was completely clear of any problems Praise God! I think the worst was expected and the doctor informed me when cyst are in one breast they will most likely be in the other...I threw my hands toward heaven and praised God right there because we don't serve a typical God who does typical things we serve a unique God that does the miraculous and prayer makes a difference. Our communication is with God.

The Dr. also said "That was a miracle within itself" with my right breast. The preparation before surgery was very painful. The Dr. informed me that the next time I came it would be a total mastectomy, but God makes all final decisions with His children. God is in control when we live for Him and when we pray and when we give ourselves to Him. Remember Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. When my husband and I went for the results of the Surgical Pathology Report and the Dr. asked me do you want the good news and then she said it showed no residual ductile carcinoma in tissue, no invasive carcinoma. "You are cancer free." My husband was rejoicing with tears as he listened to the doctor with the wonderful news. We were both overjoyed with thanksgiving to God. She looked at me and told me to have a good weekend and looked at him through his tears and said "you will have a good weekend".  As a routine and because of insurance purposes I had to go then to a radiation oncology which told me “you don't need radiation" and most people she cannot say that to. In other words GOD intervened and I do not have cancer by GOD's mercy, grace, and goodness and all the prayers of the saints reaching GOD for me. God always has the last say so. God is our strong tower! I praise Him and only JESUS for all he has done for me yesterday, today, and forever!

It can be very scary, yep we are human, and God said "fear not for I am with thee" and He understands our tears, fears, and what we go through in this life. When we fear yet we will trust? Him only we can trust! GOD is our Shepard we shall not want, He maketh us lie down in green pastures and He restores. Jeremiah 30:17 reads “for I will restore health unto thee”. Ps. 91:14 -“because He hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver Him”. My sister called me every day and gave me a scripture and in the mornings and during the day I read and quoted healing scriptures. Ps 107:20 He sent His word and healed me. I value more now my sister Peggy and all my brothers and sisters in the Lord. The potter’s wheel is rough, tough and painful, but when you come off the potter’s wheel you might just be swimming in the wonderful spiritual waters of JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOR and swimming in His waters, isn't that what we want?

Kathy Tucker

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