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Live It Up, or Give It Up!

So for the past couple of months, I've been coming more and more into the awareness that life doesn't care because it expects you to. Life is careless, basically if you don't move it will continue to 'Happen' without your consent. My own inactivity has gotten the best of me. For so long I've been used to having to do things in uniformity. After High School you're pretty much on your own, the thing is I've been out of high school for five years now. The only thing that's uniform now is work because everyone has to make a living. I believe the place where I am now is such a comfortable place for people to fall into and some stay forever:

 'Have a job, and even if it's not passionately fulfilling, or even financially liberating, just stay there because it gets you by.'

When we grow up life go's far differently from the Disney version that we anticipated it to be as a child. That still doesn't mean we should give up. The truth is, all that greatness, majesty, and glory that we see on television is only a distorted imitation of the fulfilment we attest to when walking in the purpose of God.

Being a person of knowledge with such promise on your life that people can visibly see should seemingly only incline us to that purpose: "Oh, You're so talented." or "Oh, you have such potential." It's easy for others to see the prophesy on the outside, but until we feel it on the inside it's a whole different ballgame. That's why prayer is so important, It gives us strength and it rejuvenates the dream but more importantly the promise. The promise is the purpose and covenant of God within us that we can only see for ourselves. It's the thing we drive for, we'll supposedly... since my own stagnation this is only becoming more and more clear. If we don't conquer life it will conquer us. The movement starts from within.

Beginning the direction and order of the movement is even more simple than we make it. It starts in the relationship with God. Ultimately the direction and the purpose come from the covenant.

 If our soul isn't truly fueled by this passion then it will be so easy to give up on whatever we're doing. From time to time I will hear my Pastor say that "Holiness is Commitment." It's like a marriage. A covenant is an agreement that requires cooperation from both parties. We can't expect God to bless(empower) our inactivity. And we can't keep holding on to the promise and not engage the resources. Faith without works is dead*, Apparently the wake-up call for me today was the fact that I don't want to be. Riding in the car while my grandmother was driving real crazy woke up a slight sense of fear. But then came the conviction. "What are you scared for?" Truth is I really haven't been giving life so much purpose or intention that I should be anxious of death, that's just me being honest. If life isn't lived with the liveliness of purpose, and "authentic fear" which is Godly respect, then it's like we're just living dead anyway.

The wake-up call has definitely been heeded: Time for me to get to business. "Live it up or give it up." And if we only live a life that "fits the bills" then we've already gave up.

*James 2:17, Ephesians 5:27, 2 Corinthians 11:2


  1. Oh my goodness April. My nephew and I was talking about this about the same time this was posted. The exact same thing. This is a must read for everyone. Thanks for posting. I'm about to share.

    1. That's Great Granny! Thank you for sharing! God Bless You!


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