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The Dissolution of Everything: Lessons From Disobedience

Today in the eyes of many justice has been served, but for one man all is lost. In the decision to dishonor protocol, a life was taken and so many others have been disrupted, especially George Zimmerman's now. He has lost everything, but what about the one who gave up everything intentionally so that the world would have instruction.

Each and everyone of us has purpose and something excellent to "Do", but that comes along with the instruction of the one who created us. A relationship with God is VITAL. If we don't align ourselves with what is right we can lose everything just the same as Zimmerman did.

Think about the underlying issues that drive people insane: nothing better to do, lack of instruction or the ignorance thereof, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..." (Hosea 4:6) An idle mind is the devil's playground, meaning if you aren't busy then there is nothing else to do but get into mischief. George Zimmerman was The "Self-Appointed" neighborhood watchman, He probably didn't have a Job. There is no telling what a young Trayvon Martin, (in the wrong place, at the wrong time) represented in his eyes. First not following orders is a major loss. God is a God of order, operating without cause messes everything up. Not only did He take someone else's life through his actions, He subsequently has taken his own and everything with it. No matter what the sentence his name is irrevocably tarnished. Honestly this story is the greatest reminder and example to live life on purpose, Aim for the mark of the high calling.

There is excellence in instruction, and instruction is in righteousness. We should seek God first to be able to have good consciousness in all of our decisions. Justice is wonderful and invaluable of course, but the whole situation is sad. Lives are continually lost because of ignorance. Be assured that all knowledge, confidence, and wisdom comes from God. It is this leading we should follow, life is so awesome and we either "Live it up, or Give it up". Don't let all be lost, Put God first to find yourself in Him. Make knowledge and instruction a priority and life will be not only good, but it will be abundantly fulfilling. It's called honoring wisdom. "she has long life in her right hand and riches and honor in her left." (Proverbs 3:16)


  1. Amen!! Very well said. We make a mess out our own lives without God being the center of our life. Point being two choices In life good or bad choices ..follow Jesus or the devil. Heaven or Hell...wrong or right. Jesus is the only way. The devil comes to steal kill and destroy everything that's good.


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