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Don't Stop Halfway!

Tired ManMany Christians give up before they ever reach their full potential. You can find grace to finish the journey.

God is the Good Potter. I am most often the Not-So-Good Clay. My job is to spin and to stay put in the center of the wheel.

The Potter’s job is to design. Sometimes I don’t appreciate how fast the Potter spins me, or how tightly His skillful hands force my shape.

I forget that the Potter likes to use two hands and in my opinion a few too many external instruments along the way to help carve me into His beauty. But my job is to remain willing for Him to make the passionate transfer of heart and mind from potter to clay.

In order for me to alter my shape and become something more, motion is essential. It’s impossible for idle clay to change.

The same holds true for dry clay. It tends to shatter rather than mold, so the Potter finds ways for the clay to remain moist. Once the shape is found by the Potter, He must trade moisture for fire in order to retain the shape He has created. Fire is the only agent that makes me permanent.

I find an eerie similarity between the process of being shaped on the potter’s wheel and the process Nehemiah went through in rebuilding Jerusalem’s wall (see Neh. 2:1-6:15). Like Ezekiel’s bones, soon Nehemiah’s “stones” would be rattling and reorganizing themselves into something new.

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