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Raging about Roland

It doesn’t pay to talk too much! I’m sure Roland Martin is feeling that now. Sure I can’t even followhim on twitter because he talks….well tweets too much. But I’m still outraged at the nature of the suspension. As I hear Roland Martin was suspended from CNN for making some stupid comment on twitter. If I might add: He always does. What outrages me is that some group chose to target “this tweet” and fight against it.

We all know Roland talks too much and we know that twitter is one of the most popular…..well it’s the hottest thing since sliced bread! That’s If you have a lot to say. The fact that Roland, very widely known for being an opinionated journalist can be reprimanded over some twitter ish, that’s ridiculous to me. but the outrage goes further, not only does it seem to be a violation of free speech, but this very event, the fact that “this issue” is rising to be a national conflict is a sign of a nation divided.
It’s not a matter of me ABSOLUTELY NOT believing that you could be “born this way”. It’s the fact that someone’s livelihood can be threatened by a group choosing to target such menial words (on a social network).

If something like this can happen it just signifies the beginning of a nation even more divided. Homosexuality should not be promoted. Do not tell your kid’s it’s ok. If they grow up to be a skilled professional in whatever industry and become offended by a remark about their sexuality it affects their psyche and their service. Kid’s need sound knowledge and less confusion that is already available.
GAY is not right and it’s definitely not right when it begin’s to effect the communication of a nation. If this is continually promoted, America will become even more divided into different sects and a house divided cannot stand. In the good fashion of Roland Martin; Speak your own mind regardless of what anyone else thinks or says. He is a commentator for GOD sake!!

I’m not saying we should personally attack or disrespect anyone, but we all have a right to free speech. CNN is a Major news network and if one group can tear it apart for what they say, what else can they take down? CNN was wrong for suspending Roland Martin. By doing that they gave that one group way too much power. If this group (GLAD) strongly taking their rights means infringing on those of others then they should not have any at all, and it’s time for the just to speak up!


  1. Its funny how they think that they can push their evil on the rest of the world, and demand that we accept it. The sad part about it is that everyone seems to be trying to please them. It is like them saying that they have a right to be married! Under what GOD though? This is against the Christian religion, so how can they be married?

  2. So true Kataurus!! so true and very right!


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