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Yaay! Conference Call E-mail

GoodMorning Happy Black History Month Everyone! and indeed a good day it is today I received this e-mail. Voice of Wisdom Transformational Firm w/ Life Coach Jennifer Turner will be hosting their very first conference call. Yaay! By prior experience with life coaching and emotional intelligence classes with them, I know they're the best and on the rise. So I will share in their own words:
I have some excellent news! For some time now I have received requests for us to start a free Coaching conference call line. I am pleased to announce that we have set up a Conference call line under Voice of Wisdom International. Please take note of the following numbers and time as they will help you in joining us during the conference calls.



 I have set the conference on presentation mode so you will be muted automatically but you will be able to hear me loud and clear. The conferences will start promptly and on time, so be sure to set aside this time and invest in your life. Remember to pass the gift of giving on to somebody else, give something every week as a token of your appreciation for receiving from me and help me keep the chain of gratitude going. PASS IT ON.

 I want to hear from you and make you part of what I am doing! I have provided opportunity for you to communicate with me because I need to hear what your pressing problems are. Please feel free to go to our website @ to leave me your questions under CONTACT ME and I will be able to use your questions as the premise for the conferences. So go ahead and get your questions in. I will only be able to select a few questions from the list of questions I get that get to me by Monday every week.

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 On Fridays at 9pm I will have an open forum for discussion about the seminars on Wednesday for clarification on subject taught. We will stay within the bounds of the Seminar in that week for easy understanding and less confusion. Please join me every Friday for the forum as this will help clarify most of the shaded areas of the conference, and or anything that might need clarification since the sessions on Wednesday will be muted.

 I am excited about this new adventure, take advantage of it and use your wisdom to ensure to send me your most complex, agent questions that you need answered in this season in order to get you going where you need to be.

 Expectations are amazing things. I expect all of you to exceed your goals and I will help you hold that intention throughout the coaching relationship. I believe in people. I find their intelligence and wisdom to be vast and awesome. I look to the brilliance in people and reflect it back to them. To show them who they've become and the seed of whom they most want to be.

 When they see it for themselves, it's as if their heart grows larger and their capacity revealed to them in ways they never understood. Their ideas and beliefs become more expansive. Their actions are far reaching. And their results are better than they ever thought they could be.

 Join me this Wednesday for the Introduction to Voice of Wisdom Conference Center! Please feel free to invite your family, friends, Church family members and those you wish well in life, the Conferences are completely free. However encourage them to join as members on our website because only members will be able to listen to and download all the MP files of the conferences once posted on our website.

 This Wednesday I will be discussing Self- Statements, Secrets and Concessions and their effect on you, your authenticity and ability to excel in life. Join me and you will be blessed beyond your expectations.

 Pastor/ Coach Jennifer Turner

 Coaching personal and success strategies by reinventing personal stories.

 Inspiring businesses and spiritual leaders to engage authentic change and Success

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